At Conseco Group, we value:


Everyone at Conseco Group is expected to be honest, fair, reliable and have the courage to choose what is right over what might seem fun, fast or easy. Across everything we do, it is our responsibility to present the highest level of integrity. Long-term relationships are built on being good-hearted, trustworthy, and honorable.


While we understand there is always a timeline to every project, we believe nothing beats getting it right the first time. In addition, our online project management software, RedTeam Go, ensures our clients not only receive higher quality bids but also experience lower costs to obtain the bids and more control over the bidding process.


Our culture fosters innovation. We empower every team member to not just ask what is, but what could be. We ensure our clients are not only satisfied with the final product but that we continually think outside the box to exceed expectations.


We are only as good as the people that make up Conseco Group. We encourage each individual to maximize his or her potential and celebrate their successes along the way. With more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, our team is comprised of multidisciplinary professionals with MBAs, CPAs, Engineering, and Architectural licenses.


We recognize the importance of finding balance in life. We prioritize a positive and effective work environment that allows our people to deliver their best work. We continue to find ways to grow as a team through team development outings and after-work activities for the family.