At Conseco Group, we know the success of our projects stems from our core group of local subcontractors and suppliers, our partners in construction. We are always searching for subcontractors that are committed to safety, quality workmanship, and the ability to complete projects on time and on budget. Conseco Group values relationships with partners that have an intense desire to improve our clients’ businesses.  This Resources lays out all requirements on how to be considered as a subcontractor with us.

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•  All Certificates of Insurance must name Conseco Group, Inc. as Certificate Holder.


•  The Company/person’s name must be the same on all documents submitted and the contract signed with Conseco Group, Inc.


•  The Certificates of Insurance for General Liability must show Conseco Group, Inc. listed as Additionally Insured.


•  Commercial General Liability Limits of Insurance
A. $1 million dollars each occurrence
$2 million dollars General Aggregate (subject to a per project general aggregate provision applicable to the project)
B. $1,000,000 Automobile Liability
C. $1 million dollars Personal and Advertising Injury Limits


Subcontractor agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless General Contractor/Owner from and against any claim attributable to bodily injury or property damage caused by, arising out of, or resulting from performance of work whether caused in part by the active or passive negligence or other fault. All insurance shall be placed with companies approved by General Contractor/Owner and shall include a 30-day notice of Cancellation. Certificates of Insurance thereof shall be delivered to General Contractor/Owner within 10 days of the signing of this Agreement and before any work is performed hereunder. A waiver of subrogation should be included in favor of the General Contractor/Owner for both General Liability and Workers Compensation.

General Contractor/Owner shall be names as an Additional Insured on a Primary and Non-Contributory basis for Completed Operations, as well as On-Going Operations through the use of ISO endorsements CG2037 10/01 and CG2033 10/01 or its equivalent.


• Commercial Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Limits of Insurance
A. $500,000 Each Accident
B. $500,000 Policy Limit
C. $500,000 Each Employee
D. $2,000,000 Umbrella Liability


A valid contractor’s or occupational license issued either by the State of Tennessee or the county work is to be performed in.
o It is a TN state law that you must have a Stat of TN business license to perform work in the State of TN (you man not be required to do so by the county or the city in which the work is performed. Please check with your County Clerk’s office.


A completed W‐9 Form


Please submit all documents to