Construction Management/General Contracting


General Contracting – For clients with a design ready to be built, we have the expertise and experience to bring their vision into reality. Approximately 50% of our current workload is from repeat clients of a wide variety of projects from build out to ground up projects. Much of this success stems from our core group of local subcontractors and suppliers, our partners in construction. Conseco Group values relationships with partners that have an intense desire to improve our clients’ businesses.


We are 100% dedicated to job site safety providing our clients with detailed real-time scheduling, daily site conditions, and material delivery updates. If conditions change, we notify our clients immediately and work to find solutions to maintain schedules. We ensure all subcontractors, owners, and the entire construction team have access to our construction management software to instill open communication throughout the entire process.


Different from our competitors, we employ on-site supervision and project management to ensure quality and safety. Additionally, our Director of Operations is involved in the daily overview of all projects.