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Right across from our office, our newest completed project is 8th Ave. South. This 75,000-sq. ft. mixed-use building is not only home for 52 tenants, but provides the neighborhood with 4 new retail store spaces. Developers Kirby & Hale, contacted Conseco Group when the project was well under way. The investors had a hard budget of $12 million. Several contractors were quoting him well above his top line. Through several planning meetings, Conseco Group found a way to complete the project and stay within his budget. It didn’t come without being creative on a few roadblocks!


Berry Hill, its own municipality within Davidson County and Metro Nashville, issues the building permits, but inspections come from Metro Nashville/Davidson County. Upon final inspection, everyone was informed building code required a specific type of dryer unit for condos. Metro required developers to install these specific units to ensure it meets code. Once developers show proof of dryers purchased and installed, building permits are guaranteed. Installing all 52 dryer units was not part of the developer’s original budget.


We worked with the inspector to create a solution that worked for everyone! We provided the inspector with two dryer options the condo buyers could choose to purchase and install. Inspector agreed to both units, homeowners got choice of dryers, and in the end, we and the chief inspector walked every unit to ensure each unit had the appropriate dryer as promised. When completed, inspector stuck out his hand saying, “Appreciate everything you did. You are one of the most professional contractors we have ever worked with.”


Through flexibility, ingenuity, and professionalism, our team finished the project within a year with the final bill being $11,998,000.


Well-known for his work in the Gulch, Brian Stoltzfus, Parks Realty, was brought in exclusively as the realtor for the condos. Today, all 52 condos are sold and the retail space is 80% leased with Holler & Dash’s corporate office located and occupying 1/3 of the second floor.

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